Member Rules

Article 1 (Purpose)

This Rule is SPS GLOBAL PTE. LTD. (hereinafter referred to as 'SPS') aims to set forth the basic procedures and standards that members must follow in the process of using SPS services. All members of SPS must comply with these Terms of Use.

Article 2 (Scope of Application)

All members who apply for the service of SPS' 'Copy Trading System' or Expert Advisor 'Best Alpha' must comply with these regulations.

Article 3 (Notes on Financial Transactions)

1) SPS is a company that provides 'Copy Trading System' or Expert Advisor 'Best Alpha' 'The BEST' usage service, and is not involved in customers' financial transactions.

2) Bankbooks, cards, seals, etc. for financial transactions are always kept by the member and must not be transferred to others.

3) Please refrain from trading under a loss compensation contract (memorandum, IOU) as it is prohibited under the Securities and Exchange Act.

4) Please be careful not to expose the account number and password used for financial transactions.

5) It is recommended that you get into the habit of periodically checking your transaction history, such as your balance.

Article 4 (Notes for Mobile Users)

1) Due to concerns about leakage of personal information, do not leave various passwords (account passwords, access passwords, joint authentication passwords, etc.) used for smart phone electronic financial transactions on paper, PCs, or mobile devices so that they are not exposed to others. Please memorize and use it and change it regularly.

2) It is dangerous to share a mobile terminal with others while connected to the system, and be sure to log out when sharing with others.

3) When the mobile terminal is lost, take measures to prevent damage caused by leakage of personal information by changing various passwords or reporting an accident.

4) Be sure to download and install the smartphone-only application through an authorized Application Store/Market before using it.

5) If you lose your smartphone, it is recommended to discard the password you have been using and reissue it.

6) For stability, simultaneous access from multiple smartphones with the same ID is not allowed.

7) If there is no use for a certain period of time to protect personal information, you are automatically logged out.

Article 5 (Notes on Online Transactions)

1) Since SPS uses ID and password to authenticate members, you must never leak your ID and password to others. In some browsers (Explorer 5.0, etc.), if a message window to save the login ID and password appears, be sure to select 'No' for security such as use by others.

2) In particular, in places used by the public, such as Internet cafes, other people can obtain member ID and password and other important account information by watching your computer. wish.

3) SPS does not take any responsibility for damages caused by ID and password leakage due to member's negligence.

4) In principle, if you lose your ID, visit SPS or a branch of a member management company designated by SPS to confirm your ID or re-register after identity verification.

5) If you lose your access password, you must visit the nearest branch and apply for the loss of your access password. Only members who have verified their real name when applying for loss (resident registration card, driver's license, passport, etc.) can re-register their access password on the homepage.

6) ID and access password are very important for customer security, so be careful not to lose or leak them.

Article 6 (Service Use Precautions)

1) The services provided by SPS ('Copy Trading System' or Expert Advisor 'Best Alpha') do not necessarily guarantee profits.

2) If the past investment performance using the service is announced or promoted, it cannot be seen that it will necessarily lead to future investment performance, and the technical indicators or the theory of exchange rate fluctuations built into the program itself cannot predict future market fluctuations. Transactions using the service cannot necessarily guarantee profits.

3) If you use the service without a proper understanding of futures trading, you may suffer a large loss, and the resulting loss will be attributed to the member.

4) There may be a situation where the service cannot be operated normally due to rapid market changes or balance failure.

5) Significant transaction loss may occur due to customer's mistake or manipulation, and the resulting loss belongs to the member, so special attention is required.

Article 7 (Notes on Intellectual Property Rights)

1) This site and service programs of SPS are assets exclusively owned by SPS, and these assets are not limited to information on ownership, copyright, trademark, and technology. It is provided in the form of downloaded files, links and source code. Ownership of the services and materials provided on this site in the form above and related rights belong to SPS, and intellectual property rights are not transferred to members and users.

2) All data (computer programs, materials, publications, etc.) provided by SPS to customers and users can only be used for personal use or stored on the customer's computer, and the ownership and related rights are owned by SPS. Since it belongs, it cannot be transferred, donated, or provided as security to a third party without the prior consent of SPS.

Article 8 (Usage rules for promotional activities)

1) SPS is a company that provides 'Copy Trading System' or Expert Advisor 'Best Alpha' 'The BEST' service, and will pay introduction fees (member allowance, IB allowance, semi allowance) to members for promotion purposes. However, the policy may change at any time depending on the circumstances of the company, and payment of referral fees is not promised or guaranteed. However, members who wish to engage in promotional activities must be aware of the following and also comply with the 'Code of Ethics for Public Relations'.

2) When introducing SPS services to others, members must not inform others of false or exaggerated facts or use deceptive methods to induce consumers to make transactions, or to interfere with withdrawal or termination of contracts.

3) When a member recommends another member, he/she must not change his/her address, phone number, or internet domain for the purpose of hindering withdrawal.

4) Members have an obligation not to misunderstand that SPS sells financial investment products when introducing SPS services to others.

5) When introducing the services of SPS to others, members must not induce by paying money or valuables, or pay money or valuables other than the support money normally paid by SPS. Also, in the process, you must not gain an unfair advantage or allow others to gain an unfair advantage.

6) Members must not force a specific person to use the services of SPS, and they must not take advantage by interfering with other members' promotional activities. In particular, acts such as changing or re-enrolling members who have already used SPS services for their own benefit are strictly prohibited.

7) Members shall not make arrangements or solicitations that harm the fair performance of their duties by employees or public officials of other companies for their own or others' unfair interests, and shall not receive or request money or valuables from other members unfairly, regardless of whether or not they are in return. or promise not to.

8) Members must not hold SPS, its affiliates, and its executives and employees accountable for their financial transactions, or make untrue claims or threats. Spreading false information related to this is also strictly prohibited.

9) Position Members are obliged to attend various trainings regularly held by SPS and to deliver information to members related to them.In the case of absenteeism from senior management seminars and major meetings without justifiable reasons, allowance for seniorityYou may be subject to suspension of payments and sanctions under Article 11.

10) Even after membership withdrawal, in case of violation of this Article in relation to public relations activities, SPS may take measures such as requesting return of pre-paid allowances.

Article 9 (Protection of Personal Information)

Members must not collect, manage, or use the personal information of other members without justifiable reasons, and even if there is information accidentally obtained, it must be disposed of immediately without leaking it to a third party or using it arbitrarily.

Article 10 (Operation of Rules of Use and Compliance Officer System)

1) SPS continuously supplements, develops, and operates the contents of the rules in line with the development of the organization and changes in the environment. If necessary, details for the operation of the rules can be established and implemented.

2) SPS may appoint a compliance officer for compliance with these rules and smooth operation.

3) The compliance officer regularly checks members' compliance with the code of conduct at least once a year and reports it to the SPS CEO and management.

4) If a member does not abide by these rules, some or all of the member's rights may be restricted, and membership may be revoked.

Article 11 (Sanctions against members who violate the rules of use)

1) For violators found as a result of checking compliance with the rules of use and the Code of Ethics for promotional activities, SPS takes sanctions corresponding to the degree of violation (warning, suspension of membership, withdrawal, suspension of payment of various allowances and request for refund, other sanctions, etc.) can do.

2) SPS may request correction for members engaging in promotional activities who have violated the law or caused social controversy, and may take disciplinary action if correction is not made.

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