Best Chart Changer

Best Chart Changer

'Best Chart Changer' is a very useful indicator that allows you to browse all charts with one click.

This tool can be placed either vertically or horizontally and features the ability to set input values ​​while changing more charts.

'Best Chart Changer' allows you to optimize your navigation and speed up all your analyzes.

User manual

- Direction : Orientation of the button (Horizontal: Horizontal, Vertical: Vertical)

- Symbol

- part-01 ~ 28 : Currency to display

- Color and Size

- part-01 : width of the button

- part-02 : font size of button

- part-03 : Button background color

- part-04 : Button text color

- part-05 : Text color of current chart button

- Position Panel

- Part-06 : horizontal position of the button

- Part-07 : vertical position of the button

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