'Basic' is designed to continuously increase users' assets by utilizing 'Best Alpha' that helps maintain stable profits and low MDD.

Users can select from 'Basic 1' to 'Basic 5' accounts according to their investment intentions.
You can deposit a minimum of $5,000 into the 'Basic 1' account, and the minimum deposit amount increases by $5,000 for each level.
For example, the minimum deposit for the 'Basic 3' account is $15,000.
You can also select a 'Basic 1' account and deposit more than your initial account maintenance amount of $5,000.

'Basic' product is a product with relatively free deposit and withdrawal.
The amount exceeding the minimum deposit amount for each account can be withdrawn at any time.
However, please note that the account will be canceled if you withdraw more than the minimum deposit amount for each account.

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