Prior to the release of Best Alpha, SPS Korea has planned and released the Jump Up Happy Promotion as follows for member satisfaction and business revitalization.

Jump Up Happy Promotion is a 1:1 matching promotion where you can apply for 1 Happy account per 1 Basic account. This is a promotion that becomes the driving force for business growth by lowering the barriers to entry into the Happy Plan and improving participation as the conditions that had to be met for the existing Happy Application disappear.

Members who currently meet the conditions for applying for the Happy Plan can maintain their existing benefits for one year from the date of eligibility, and from today, the conditions and benefits for the Happy Plan will be applied according to the Jump Up Happy Promotion.

Through the Jump Up Happy Promotion, you can apply for the Happy Plan subscription with the same number of basic accounts regardless of the number of referrals, and you can apply again with the same account after the Happy Plan period ends.

The Happy Plan application is processed by the 2nd deadline per month, the same as in Basic.