Best Clone

Best Clone

The ‘best clone’ is an EA with the function to follow. ‘Best Clone’ allows simple operation, full profits of the user, lightning fast entry and exit copying, and easy account management. In addition, the Receiver account can be traded manually or other EAs can be used regardless of the Provider account operation.

By using 'best clones', you gain the knowledge of how to craft trading strategies that are difficult to do alone, while gaining the trading methods and signals of a remarkably experienced expert. However, it must not be forgotten that the Provider account and the Receiver account must be on the same PC.

First, select a Provider account, install Provider EA, and set a 6-digit password. Next, install Receiver EA in the account to follow the entry of the provider account, enter the provider account number and set password, and enter other parameter values ​​to start it.


User Manual

1. Provider

Provider is the subject of the transaction.

Run Best Clone_Provider on the chart in the MT5 account, and if you look at the properties, the above property input window appears.

- Password 6 Digits : password. Copy trading is possible only if it is the same as the Receiver account.

2. Receiver

Receiver receives a signal from the Provider and makes a transaction.
Run Best Clone_Receiver on the chart in the MT5 account and look at the properties to see the property input window as above.

- Provider Account Number : MT5 Account Number of the Provider.
- Password 6 Digits : Password (must match the password entered in the Provider).
- Lot Multiply Number : Multiplier for the number of Provider's entry lots. (1 for 1:1 ratio, 0.5 for 1:0.5 ratio)
- Re-Try Open Try Number : If for some reason (internet environment, system stop, etc.) it is not possible to copy the position entry of the provider account, it refers to the number of re-entry attempts (if 10, stop after 10 attempts).
- Minimum Lot : Minimum entry lot.
- Maximum Lot : Max entry lot.
- Slippage : Copy allowed slippage.
- MagicNum : Magic number.