Best Chart Changer

Best Chart Changer

‘Best Chart Changer’ is a very useful indicator that allows you to browse all charts with one click.

This tool can be placed either vertically or horizontally and features the ability to change more charts while setting input values.

'Best Chart Changer' allows you to optimize your navigation and speed up all your analyzes.


User Manual

- Direction : Orientation of the button (Horizontal: Horizontal, Vertical: Vertical)
- Symbol
- part-01 ~ 28 : Currency to display
- Color and Size
- part-01 : width of the button
- part-02 : button font size
- part-03 : Button background color
- part-04 : Button text color
- part-05 : Text color of current chart button
- Position Panel
- Part-06 : Horizontal position of the button
- Part-07 : Vertical position of the button